1. Investment in mutual fund contains certain risks, please study all the provided information in relation to the fund’s investment policy, risks, and performance before making investment.
  2. Investment in investment units is not bank deposits and is subject to certain risks. Therefore, investors may receive the amount of return either more or less than the money in which the investors initially invested. In case of extraordinary circumstances, the investors may not receive the sum of redemption within the specified period and/or may not be able to redeem the investment units according to his/her/its instruction.
  3. Potential investors should carefully study and comprehend information contained in the fund’s prospectus prior to making investment. In particular, the investors should pay attention to and have a clear understanding about the fund’s “INVESTMENT POLICY”, “INVESTIBLE ASSETS”, “INVESTMENT LIMIT”, “RISKS ASSOCIATING TO FUND’S INVESTMENT”, and “WARNINGS/RECOMMENDATIONS” for his/her/its own benefit, and shall keep such information for future reference. If additional information is needed, the investors may request a copy of the fund’s prospectus and/or make inquiries to the Management Company or its distribution channels.
  4. A mutual fund is a juristic person separate from the Management Company. Therefore, Merchant Partners Asset Management Limited. is not obligated to indemnify or compensate any losses of the mutual funds under its management. In addition, the funds’ performance does not depend upon the Management Company’s financial conditions or operational performance in any respect.
  5. Investors may examine the information that may influence his/her/its investment decision; such as, information in relation to the connected-person transactions and the ratio of investment portfolio as specified in the investment policy, at the Office of the SEC or its website at http://www.sec.or.th.
  6. Investors may check the policy and procedure in relation to voting rights at the Management Company or its website, www.merchant.co.th.
  7. The Management Company may invest in any securities or other assets for its own benefit (i.e. proprietary trading) in the same way as it invests for mutual funds pursuant to the rules and regulations stipulated by the Office of the SEC. Any inquiry on the Management Company’s proprietary trading can be made at the Management Company, distribution agents, or the Office of the SEC.
  8. Investment in any mutual fund listed in this website shall be governed by the laws of Thailand, including the rules and regulations prescribed in accordance with the Thai Securities and Exchange Act B.E. 2535 (1992) (as amended).
  9. It is understood that the fact that SEC has authorized the establishment of mutual funds as listed in this website does not imply as if the SEC Commission or the Office of the SEC has warranted the soundness and the accuracy of the funds’ prospectus, as well as guaranteed the price of investment units.
  10. For a mutual fund having the intent not to hold the investment ratio in accordance with the applicable regulations whereby limiting its investment diversification less than the standard such that its investment in certain securities or assets exceeds the stated investment limit (i.e. the “Specific Fund”), investors shall have to study and comprehend with the fund’s investment policy before making investment.
  11. The measurement of investment performance of the mutual funds appeared in this website is calculated in accordance with the standards specified by the Association of Investment Management Companies (AIMC). Past performance is not a guarantee of future results.
  12. The Management Company allows its employees and staff to personally invest in securities, provided that such investment is in line with the business ethics and the announcements specified by the AIMC, and provided further that such investment shall be disclosed to the Management Company so that the Management Company can monitor and supervise securities trading made by its employees and staff.
  13. All the contents appeared in this website are prepared for informative circulation purposes to unitholders and prospect investors. Whilst the Management Company has taken care to ensure the accuracy of the contents hereof, the Management Company cannot guarantee the accuracy and the up-to-date of all the information in the website.
  14. The Company reserves the right to amend, modify or change any information in this website without having required to give an advance notice.
  15. The Management Company, its management, and its employees reserve the right not to take any responsibilities for any damage occurred to the data and/or the communication system of visitors or investors as a result of their access to this website and/or any website linked with us.
  16. The Management Company reserves all intellectual property rights for the information contained herein whereby no person shall disclose, duplicate, modify, reproduce, make reference, or use either in whole or in part, and in any form and by any means, without a prior written consent from the Management Company. The Management Company, its management, and its employees reserve the right not to take any responsibilities for any damage in case that any report, content, data, text or media in this website is changed or modified by any person, whether intentionally or without our due authorization, and subsequently disseminated, whether specified or generally, in such a way that may cause misunderstanding or damages to property or reputation of the Management Company or other person.
  17. To amend or modify any report, content, data, text and media on this website by whatsoever means, whether intentionally or without our prior authorization, which results in damage to property or reputation of the Management Company or other person, is an unlawful act. Aside from civil liability for compensation, the person committing such act may be subject to criminal punishment.
  18. The Management Company provides various local and overseas internet websites linked to this website for convenient access only. Such websites may contain information, introduce knowledge, suggest concept, or offer to sell services or products described on the webpages which, particularly, may not be offered for provision of services or for sale in Thailand. As a result, visitors who use the links to access to those websites and are interested to use services or buy products from them are strongly advised to carefully review and examine the relevant information before making a decision to use services, buy products, or take any other steps at your own risks. The Management Company is not involved in the information, the rendering of services, or the offering of products therein, and the Management Company cannot guarantee the accuracy of the information, the rendering of services, or the offering of products described in those websites.
  19. In case where visitors of this website migrate to other websites via the links provided hereof, the Management Company would like to remind that those websites may not be governed by the Securities and Exchange Act 2535 (1992), and that the service, data, or product in such websites may not be assessed by the Management Company. Therefore, the Management Company cannot make any warranty to the accuracy and the completeness of information thereon nor take any responsibility to damage arising therefrom.
  20. It is understood that investment units of a retirement mutual fund cannot be disposed, transferred, assigned, or pledged as collateral to any third person.
  21. Investors who subscribe for investment units of any retirement mutual fund and long-term equity fund shall strictly comply with the terms in respect of holdings of such investment units and other conditions as set out by the Revenue Department (whereby the investors may study the terms and conditions thereof from the tax manual published by the Management Company). A failure to comply with such terms and conditions may cause the investors lose tax benefit, be subject to tax deduction, be requested to return all received tax benefits, and/or be required to pay additional charge and penalty fee as stated in the Revenue Code. In this connection, the investors shall also be required to keep all investment documents, including any documentary proof that the investors have complied with the aforesaid terms and conditions, for reference of the investors’ tax benefit in the future. Investors may request for the fund’s prospectus or the tax manual from the Management Company or its distribution agents, and are recommended to study the same for his/her/its own benefits. Any inquiry shall be made to the Management Company or its distribution agents.
  22. Investors should check whether the person in charge of selling of investment units has been granted an appropriate license from the Office of the SEC.
  23. It is understood that investment in any foreign investment fund, which does not hedge currency exchange risks in full, may cause the investors receive profit or loss from currency exchange rates / or receive the return in the amount lower than the initial investment.
  24. The information contained in this website is general information and does not constitute advice or opinion, and should not be regarded as a substitute for detailed advice. In addition, it is not intended as an offer or solicitation with respect to the purchase and sale of any investment products. The Management Company shall not be liable for any damage or loss sustained by any person who uses the information provided hereunder for whatever reasons.